Gonzalo Higuaín, orgullo Argentino ♥

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appreciation blog.

Me? I'm just a (24 years old, European) girl amazed by this gorgeous Argentine :)
You can talk to me in English, Spanish & German.
Note: I don't do follow-backs.

World, enjoy the presence of an amazing person as is Gonzalo Higuaín!

Siempre contigo, Gonzalo! ♥

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A song that Gonza identifies himself with: Fito y Fitipaldis- Soldadito Marinero

Translation of the chorus: “Sailor soldier you met a mermaid, one of those who say ‘I love you’ if they see the full wallet, you chose the most beautiful but the less good one, without knowing how you’ve been taken by the storm…”

I’m absolutely in love with this song now :3

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    omg :3333 My favorite song from now!
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