Gonzalo Higuaín, orgullo Argentino ♥

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Me? I'm just a (24 years old, European) girl amazed by this gorgeous Argentine :)
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World, enjoy the presence of an amazing person as is Gonzalo Higuaín!

Siempre contigo, Gonzalo! ♥

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Anonymous asked, "Hi! How are you? :) I'm sorry to Gonzalo leave the club. He will be missed. He is a very good player... I would like to ask whether it is true the news that he is engaged to his girlfriend Daniela? To me it seems so hard to believe, since there is no photo with them or something else. Gonzalo wrote on Twitter that he was single. I don't understand. I'm asking you because you always give an accurate answer. I hope that you answer me. Besitos."

Hi :3 I’m doing pretty okay, thanks for asking :3 How about you? :)

Yeah, unfortunately- Gonzalo is leaving :’( It’s really hard to imagine him playing somewhere else but in Madrid, but well- life goes on, he’s young and he has to do what’s best for him and his career…I have no doubt that he’ll shine wherever he goes, bc he’s great and is always willing to fight ^_^

I’m not so up-to-date with the rumors lately but I would say no, it’s not true that he’s engaged, specially not with that girl Daniela (why do people bring her up over and over again, I really don’t get it -.-). I think that he has a lot more important things to think of at the moment, than to plan a wedding or something like that :D

Thanks for writing me :) Besos! 

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If you want to torture yourself and hear Higuaín’s words directly, listen here.

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Higuaín: “I’ve made the decision to leave. It’s been 7 years. It’s time for a change of scenery. I want to go.”

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Higuaín: “I feel my time at Real Madrid is over.”

Higuaín: “I feel my time at Real Madrid is over.”

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Athletic Bilbao 0-3 Real Madrid | Higuaín 76’

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Real Madrid vs Atletico Bilbao | Second Half
Cristiano Ronaldo, 68’, Gonzalo Higuain, 76’

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